The only things I know are road signs and rock songs and lonely hotel rooms…

In about an hour and a half I’ll be on the road, headed towards my first vacation since… god, 2 years? That sounds about right. And so, for obvious reasons, I’m pretty darn excited. It may be only been five days, but it’s going to be five days free to do everything and everything. And, even, better, I’m going to have wonderful company in the form of my love. And I’m going to be given the opportunity to show him my favorite place in the whole wide world.

This is the place that has inspired the town in many of my stories–again with the mixing the real world with the fictional world–and I can’t wait to show him actual places I’ve mentioned in my stories. It’s a small town, with not many people, but it’s such a wonderful place. As much as I adore the city… there is a magic about Dalhousie. And I’m so excited to be able to share that with Andrew. Okay, so it’s going to be a super long drive and the music my grandparents listen to is… questionable. But it’s not the trip, darling, it’s the destination.

There are so many things I’m excited for: taking pictures everywhere. Our own private beach to lay about on. Swimming in the very cold water off said beach. Swimming at the local indoor pool, which I used to go every time I was there when I was kid, and can’t help but just adore. And there are other things… taking him to Dixie Lee Chicken. Making him having a cone of ice cream at the ice cream shack near by. Playing in the park. I want to share everything with him–I want to show him exactly why this place means so damn much to me. I want to show him the fossils on the beach, take him to the dollar store, everything. I want to do everything. It’s going to be a very busy four days.

And then there is the other part–the getting away from bad influences thing, a chance to just relax and think and try to really figure what I need to do out. Away from the city, away from everything. My mind is going to be a heck of a lot clearer without having to worry about things like work, or school. For a couple days I can just relax and breathe. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve been able to just breathe. This summer has been more about holding my breath, not thinking, and jumping right in.

I’m bringing my baby (my computer) up, hoping that maybe I can write some entries out while I’m up there, although I’m not sure my grandparents present internet situation. Last time I actually visited (which, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t even summer. It was the winter before, and it was for a funeral… as you can see I’m a very caring granddaughter) they were still on dial up. Oh… dial up. But I won’t let it stress me, because this trip is not about stress. This trip is about relaxing, about spending quality time with Andrew, about showing him the place where we will (someday) be married.

And taking pictures. Lots and Lots of pictures.


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