I’m coming home…

You know what the lame thing about going on vacation is–coming home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, I love my friends, but I have to say the last five days have been amazing. Just being away, relaxing, and showing Andrew around was awesome.Even though the train was two-and-a-half hours late arriving at the station to pick us up, it was fun taking the train. Andrew had never taken it, and I hadn’t taken it since I was about eight. It was a fun adventure, and it makes me really want to travel with Andrew more often.

And now… now it’s back to the real world. Back to work in the morning for a super long day which should be just so exciting.

It’s not that I don’t like my job. I love it. It’s just the whole being there for ten hours and training someone else thing I don’t love. It is not going to be fabulous, and if I’m still sane by the end of it–well, that will be questionable. And then another eight hours working on Saturday.

Is it crazy that I’m glad that school is almost back in session? Probably, but then again, this is going to be a pretty exciting year. Introduction to Film. The Creative Process. Listening to Classical Music. The History of Rock and Roll. For the first time in a long time there is something so exciting about going back to school. Not just because this is my forth and final year–at least for this degree–but because I’m doing these amazingly creative classes.

I’m starting to feel like myself again, and it’s a wonderful feeling.


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