There is a secret that we keep… I won’t sleep if you won’t sleep.

So I have a confession to make…

No, it’s not the fact that I’ve been up since before dawn, again–apparently the only time I ever get real sleep is when I’m on vacation. Maybe I need a permanent vacation?–but a little more trivial than that. I love Gossip Girl.

I know, I know. It’s a show about spoiled, label obsessed girls who drink and do drugs and sleep with each others boyfriends. What could be appealing about that? There is nothing romantic about that kind of life style. Once upon a time, I had tried to read the books, but only got to the second one because, well, I just didn’t like it. Mostly, I found it hard to relate to the characters. When I read a book, I like to be able to picture myself as at least one character (which must be why Sarah Dessen still remains as my favorite author… I can read her books in mere hours). There needs to be something I can relate to, and when reading Gossip Girl, there was nothing.

But for some reason, the show… I can’t help but love it.

A lot of it has to do with the writing and character interaction, which reminds me of my much loved (and missed) Veronica Mars. And the characters are fun. There is something about the show which just draws me to it, and I love it. Even though it’s totally out there, and I could NEVER afford that lifestyle, I just love to watch that show and dream about what it could be like. Oh, and I just love Blair Waldorf. Sure, she’s a bitch, and spoiled, but she’s amazing and fierce. And even though I could never pull off half the things that she wears, I just adore her fashion. Honestly, if it were written in any other way, if it had stuck too close to the books, I probably would have hated it. But… I just can’t hate it. It is my guiltiest pleasure.

So naturally when I love something, I convinced Andrew to sit down and watch an episode with me. And naturally, he protested for as long as he possible could. To be honest, he judged the book by the cover–he figured it was just a show full of spoiled brats who spent too much money. So we watched the first episode, curled up around my laptop, and… he still figured it was the same. Spoiled brats. Expensive clothing. Watched a couple more episodes, and he was still unswayed. And then it happened… he got it.

Okay so Andrew would probably kill me if he knew that I was spilling his deep dark secret to all the Internet but: Andrew loves Gossip Girl. And no, it’s not just a trying-to-please-the-love-of-his-life thing. We were out walking one night, and as we were walking back to his place, I asked him what he wanted to do. “Want to watch a movie?” He didn’t say anything. There was a look on his face, hard to read. “What?” He laughed slightly and then shook his head. “Nothing. I can’t say it.” After much coaxing, and a promise that I would never tell–oops–he finally revealed: “Uh, I was wondering if we could watch what we watched last night?”

It took a minute for me to get it and then the great realization: “Oh, you mean Gossip Girl?” He nodded, embarrassed. There was some dancing, on my part, and some blushing, on his part. See, I know him better than he thinks!

We’ve finished the season–in Dalhousie, actually–and we’re BOTH excited for the new season to start. It’s like Veronica Mars all over again, which was another show I adored, and he didn’t really watch, but once he watched a couple episodes… got it. We watched the episodes together, loving every moment. I’m hoping that we will once again have a show again. We can hide in his room, curled up around his computer, watching the adventures of the upper east side.

It will be our little secret.

Oh: and happy 4 year, 10 month anniversary to my dear, Gossip Girl loving boyfriend. Yes, even after all this time, we still celebrate every month. ♥


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