Don’t turn around, don’t look ahead… I won’t listen to all the lies I’m fed.

Like our American counterparts, we Canadians are in the midst of an election, slated for October 14th (the day before my birthday.) I fully intend on voting, since I think that it is an important right as a Canadian and even if your vote is not always honored *cough*Sunday Shopping*cough*.

I try to pay as much attention to politics as I possibly can. I try to read the newspaper, watch the news, gather as much information on the facts as I can. And yes, I get sucked into watching the campaign videos. But one thing I’ve noticed about the videos is once again they aren’t really about the candidates (except the annoying Stephan Harper one that immediately makes me change the channel, ugh.) Instead you have videos making fun of the other candidate as though this is a middle school election. The Conservatives are telling you exactly why not to vote for the Liberals. You have the NDP telling you exactly why not to vote for the Conservatives. That’s great. I know who not to vote for, but um… who exactly SHOULD I vote for then? The truth is, the only video I have seen which has showed me reasons I should vote for the candiate is the Stephan Dion video that I saw last night during the Emmys. Besides that–well I have lots of reasons for not, but that doesn’t tell me one thing about why I should.

You would think they would be trying to earn my vote, not turning me off from voting for them.

The thing about this election is that is doesn’t feel so much about who would be the best person to vote for, but who isn’t the worst person to vote for. None of these candidates really inspire my confidence, which is horrible to think when you realize you’re trying to decide who you would most want to RUN YOUR COUNTRY. I definately know who I won’t be voting for, but deciding between the other two and who I want to see as Prime Minister least. Well, it’s a toss up, that’s for sure. And my final decision will probably be made as I’m standing in the voting booth (during the early voting days, since I’m in school all day during October 14th, and definately want my voice heard).


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