warm october nights… you came a cuddled next to me…

Finally, it’s October.

I have to admit, October is my favorite month. It’s not just my birthday (that has never excited me), or the fact that it’s my anniversary (5 years, which is just too exciting) or even Halloween, which I will confess now has always been my favorite holiday (even if candy is safely planted on my “no-eat” list). No, it’s more simple than that. It’s the feeling that October brings.

Cooler nights. That brilliant chill at night. The way the sun sets early. The changing colors of the leaves.The smell of wood fires. Wrapping yourself in a warm sweater. The way stars just seem to sparkle brighter.

And now finally, it’s here again. The only month I like more than the summer, if anyone thought that could be possible. This month has always been lucky for me, which is obvious. There are many wonderful memories–a lot revolving around the last five years. And what does this October have in store? A number of wonderful things:

  • Today “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” (the movie) comes out which I’ve been excited about since I heard they were turning the book (which I LOVE) into a movie. I’m hoping to see it tomorrow night, with Andrew.
  • Birthday…. not so wonderful, but oh well.
  • Anniversary, which makes me scream with joy, not only because that first time feeling of love has been blooming again, but because I have come up with the most perfect present ever thanks, in part, to my co-worker A. When I say that Andrew is absolutely going to love it, I have complete faith in that.
  • And finally Halloween. Like I said, my favorite holiday and even though Andrew has informed me that we are officially too old for treat-or-treating (boo) I plan on making the most of the holiday. My parents Halloween party and… who knows. But I’m sure it will be boo-tastic.

Honestly, there is nothing like an October night. That beautiful chill where you just have to throw another blanket on the bed, or snuggle close to the one you love. Winter is coming, sure, but October makes me forget that fact. I can’t wait for walks in the night, or star gazing, or the glow of flickering pumpkins on doorsteps.


One response

  1. Wow, your October is going to be busy! I am so thrilled that you & Andrew are going to be celebrating 5 years (!!!). That is so exciting!

    What are you going to be for Halloween this year? I am just DYING to go to one of your Halloween parties because they sound like so much fun, not to mention sophisticated. :]

    PS; I haven’t gotten your letter yet… :[ I hope the mail is just slow & not irresponsible.

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