You say it’s your birthday… It’s my birthday too.

So the day finally came. No amount of running away, pretending, or staying in bed (and pajamas) as long as possible can excuse the fact–I am 22 years old today.

And the shocking truth is: it’s not so bad.To be honest one of the things that made me excited for today was a text message, which woke me up this morning, from my best friend wishing me the best day ever and telling me she can’t wait to see me this weekend and celebrate. It was the best way I could have woken up this morning, and it left me–I’ll admit it–excited.

I mean I’m still not a fan of my birthday but so far today, my day hasn’t sucked that much. I got a hair cut and bought a salad, and visited worked wearing a tiara where my mother took pictures. We also ordered our Japanese dinner for tonight (sashimi, yum). It’s low key, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This weekend we’re going out for drinks, and I’m hoping that it works out and that it’s fun.I have the cutest dress, which can make you excited for any event.

My sister bought me the most beautiful presents; a pair of leather mittens, a beautiful light purple scarf and a beautiful black shirt I may just wear this evening. And she made me a beautiful silver and red bead bracelet which I just ADORE. It suits me perfectly, and it’s nice to know I’m thought of.

So I’m going to try and be happy, I’m going to try and have some fun.

That’s right–I said fun.

Although, I had to admit, this birthday would be more wonderful if the conservatives hadn’t won a STRONGER minority, and people had–I don’t know–actually gotten out and voted. I wish people understood just how important elections are, and just how important voicing your opinion is.


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  1. I am SUCH a bad friend! I completely forgot it was your birthday!!! Agh!

    Well, if it still means anything, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :] I hope you had a great day (& it sounds like you did!). I miss talking to you. & hey, I never got that letter! How sad! :[ The stupid mail lost it….

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