We drank champagne and danced all night… under electric candle light.

So for the first time since August I went out last night with friends. To be honest, when I got home from work, I was not looking forward to it. My hair was a mess and I was feeling unattractive and I honestly considered not even going. But the thing is, that’s where I get into trouble. Part of the reason I feel so lonely is because I do cut myself off from people and it’s something I need to get away from.

And in the end, I’m really glad I went. I think had I stayed home I would have really regretted it.

There were reasons I’ve been away from my friends for a while–it was something I had to do to figure things out. But now I realize that I think I’m okay to be able to go out and have a couple drinks with friends, to go dancing, to dress up and take pictures and laugh and joke around. Seeing Ella and Malory and Nick and Kyle last night just made me feel happy. Dressing up and dancing around made me feel happy. And I really hope I get to go out again soon.

I just wish I had pictures of my awesome outfit from last night.


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