But now she was a vegan princess… living off of beans.

I’ve been thinking about ready Skinny Bitch for a while now. I’ve heard some interesting things about it, and when I saw it sitting on the shelf during my lunchtime visit to the bookstore, I figured why the hell not, and bought it. After all, there is nothing I like more than a good food book.

And honestly, I’m really glad I did.

When I was eleven I gave up eating Beef and Pork during a visit to my grandparents, after innocently asking my grandfather (it was the winter time) where the cows were. His reply? On my plate. Now, ever since I could remember, I had grown up around those cows–feeding them, naming them, loving them–and to hear this. Well, I have not touched beef since, and I never will again. Pork came after, since I love cute little pigs, and I couldn’t imagine eating them. Ducks were also on the list, again for the same reason–they were just so cute, I couldn’t ever imagine eating them.

When it comes to chicken, to be honest, I was living in denial. I had absolutely not idea the kind of conditions that these animals have to suffer through so that I can eat them. It’s not pretty what-so-ever. And after reading Skinny Bitch, I don’t think I can ever honestly eat chicken again and not think about it. I love animals, especially birds, and to think about these conditions and the torture (I don’t think there is any better word) that they go through, I honestly can imagine being able to eat chicken again. I just can’t.

Fish is going to be my gray area I think.

Either way, I’m glad I bought the book. A lot of it did read like propaganda toward the vegan lifestyle, which is cool, I guess, but I don’t think I can fully commit to everything they tell me I need in order to be a “skinny bitch”. I know for sure I’m going to be kicking my diet soda addiction, and replacing my splenda with stevia, which was something I was already thinking about doing. More water, less soda. What could be wrong with that?

Besides, any excuse to indulge in my favourite (and expensive) gluten-free vegan nachos, right? That, and, I want to learn how to cook more, so why not jump with both feet into the deep end and learn to cook better, and healthier, food options. I’ll benifit, my health will benifit, and I’ll learn to actually cook things instead of relying on packaged foods. Easier said than done, but I have been paying close attention to a couple of my favoirte recipe blogs a little more closely. I’m sure my parents aren’t going to be too impressed, but this is something I feel I need to do, and so I’m going to do it.

Gluten Free Goddess

Fat Free Vegan

p.s. song lyrics that inspired my title, taken from Sarah Dessen’s This Lullaby one of my all-time favorite books ever.

The Potato Opus

I saw her in the produce section late last Saturday
It hadn’t been but 7 days since she went away
Once she loved my filet mignon
My carnivore inkling
But now she was a vegan princess
Living off of beans!
She’d given up the cheese and bacon
Sworn off burger king
And when I wouldn’t do the same
She gave me back my ring
I stood there by the romaine lettuce
Feeling my heart pine
Wishing that this meatless beauty
Still would be all mine
She turned around to go checkout
15 items or less
and I knew this was the last go-round
so this is what I said
don’t you ever give me no rotten tomato
cause all I ever wanted was your sweet potato
mashed, whipped, creamed, smothered, chunked, and diced
anyway you fix it baby sure tastes nice


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