Your hair was long when we first met…

You know, it’s funny. For the longest time I used to hide behind my hair. For about 3 years I let my hair grow, and grow, and grow. It was half-way down my back when one day I decided that I was just going to take the plunge and get it cut. I had been using it as a security blanket, and on a whim I decided I wanted something new, something different. That I was tired of hiding and wanted to feel fun for once. And so, I did it. And I liked it so much I cut it even shorter about four months later.

I had that same feeling this summer, after some particularly bumpy moments. It was definitely not half way down my back again, but it had gotten longer, and slowly I found myself hiding behind it again. So I made a hair appointment and I got it cut shorter, and suddenly it was like a weight off my  shoulder. It may have only been about 3-4 inches of hair, but it was enough to make me feel like a whole different person. And since that first hair cut in August, I just have this urge to play with my hair, to keep going shorter.

And now, I want to go even shorter.

It may have been inspired by my sister’s dramatic haircut, or just shear boredem, but I am itching for another haircut. It’s almost as though as the seasons change, so does my need for something new and exciting. It’s barely been month since I last got my hair styled, but now suddenly I feel like doing something new, something different, something shorter. Not too short, but short enough to feel sassy. The truth is I’ve been in a funk lately, and there is nothing like a funky new hair cut to inspire inner sass.

And so, as soon as I get the time in order to roll out the “new” Shannon, I plan on a shampoo and cut and hope that my current funk ends.

The haircut I’m currently in love with:



ps. this whole haircut thing (the style, not the feeling) may have been inspired by watching the Mod Squad twice this weekend. Some people may think that movie may be the worst movie ever made, but I have always loved it. Haha.


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