It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We had a giant snowfall this weekend, which was both great because SNOW! and awful because once we were plowed out I had to make my way in for a half day of work even though the store was out of stamps (yes, the post office was out of stamps) and we didn’t really have customers. I would have much rather had a snow day, and spent the day curled up in comfy clothes, listening to Christmas music. There is something about snow which just makes it feel like Christmas. And to be honest, Christmas is the only time I atually like having snow. Once the 26th of December rolls around, it’s time for summer to come back.

I’ve never been a Christmas fan.

I don’t mind giving people presents, but as a whole I tend to get far too stressed out to deal with the holiday. Like today, I realized it is exactly one month until Christmas eve, and I almost flipped. A month until Christmas! Oh man, what am I going to buy for people. Of course, I have ideas for some members of the family (Andrew, my Mom) but for the harder members of the family (My Dad, My Sister) I have no sweet clue as to what to buy them. And that is when the Christmas stress and anxiety start to build and I usually end up in tears at least once, maybe twice. Three times.

But there is one relief to one of my Christmas anxieties, which is the whole food issue. Christmas, at least for my family, has always been about food. More specifically, food which I cannot touch (chocolate, sugary candy, cookies, egg nog, Christmas dinner) so I’ve been fretting about the whole thing. But Mom found me some wonderful meringue cookies that are fat free, and very low calorie which means I can feel comfortable eating them, which doesn’t usually happen with Christmas food. Also Wal-mart has sugar-free candy canes, which I’m going to rush out and buy as soon as I get a chance. Christmas cookies and candy canes. It almost makes one excited for Christmas.


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