Well I picture you in blue, but I have to say I’m more partial to the red…

I think I’m having a personal fashion crisis. And with two exams on Thursday, fashion should be the last thing taking over my mind.

Saturday night is Andrew’s work Christmas party which means I need to have a dress. What I would love to wear more than anything is the Skater Dress from American Apparel (in Charcoal!) but unfortunately, I don’t have $55 to rock that dress, and to be honest I actually can’t imagine spending that much money on just a dress. It’s beautiful, sure, but maybe when it goes on sale maybe I’ll splurge. After all, Christmas is only one month away and I have Christmas presents to buy.

So I’ve been trying to decide what I should wear to this Christmas party, since I’ve never actually been to a work Christmas party before. I have plenty of dresses (I have a habit for buying beautiful dresses, even when I have no where to go) but my problem is I have a hard time deciding, especially when I can’t figure out what “Semi-Formal” even means. The last semi formal I went to I wore a long white dress. I’m guessing that a long dress would be a little much, no matter how much I want to wear a particular red dress. Even still, the red dress is one of three options I’m playing around with, trying to figure out what exactly would be best.

option #1:



I love the back on this dress, and I think it would look so cute with a pair of black tights and strappy silver heels. It’s a little more silver than my webcam allows.

option #2:


This is a cute black dress my sister gave me.The material it’s made out of it wicked comfy and even though it’s about 6 sizes too big, it doesn’t look too big on me.

option #3:


I adore this red dress. It’s long and slinky but not too over the top and doesn’t look like I’m going to prom. It fall just around my ankles.

All three dresses are so different and so pretty and (I think) would look beautiful either way. The red stands out but not too much, and reminds me of Christmas. The first dress is funky and different, and I love the way it’s backless and I can just picture wearing it with tights and silver heels and feeling sassy and fun. And the black dress is more comfortable than I can even express, but of the three is the one that repersents my personality least. Then again, this isn’t my Christmas party so maybe fading into the background would be best.

Honestly, trying to figure out what to wear is almost as difficult as studying for history.


4 responses

  1. I’ll vote for #2. Stylish but not quite as flashy as the red. The objective is to appear on the arm of your Sig Other at the Office Xmas Party as your Sig Other is always judged by his partner at these things. Go comfy and slightly modest, as the Xmas Party is also a political event.

    (via alphainventions btw..)

  2. The first one is my personal favorite, and I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to worry about going braless since… there really isn’t anything there. Andrew loves the first one too, because he thinks it’s the most “me”.

  3. I vote either #1 or #3. Both are super pretty. I’m also doing a semi-formal party NYE (at the Westin Hotel ooooo) and I will be calling on your advice on what to wear!

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