I get by with a little help from my friends… (he gets high with a little help from his friends)… I’m going to try with a little help from my friends.

I never meant to go on a hiatus from writing, but it just sort of happened. Between school and finishing exams, and work, and trying to get ahead on Christmas shopping (which, I finally did this evening) I have just been completely exhausted. And a tired Shannon means a cranky Shannon, who is someone no one wants to be around. I tried to be calm, I tried to plan better. But for some reason the holiday blahs and taken over, and I just couldn’t shake them.

Trust me, nothing sounded better than running away (with the money I saved for Christmas presents) and finding myself on a nice white sandy beach somewhere south. With a large fruit drink in a coconut cup.

I’ve tried embracing Christmas. But Christmas when working retail sucks. People are mean. People are cranky. And no matter how happy you try to be, by the end of the day you’re counting down to January. Honestly, I can’t wait until my store closes and I finally get a moment to breathe.

Anyways, I was feeling all the anxiety and crankiness that comes along with working Christmas in retail, and I come home and find a parcel waiting for me from Ev’yan. There is something about mail–real mail–which is just exciting and always makes you smile. After going through everything, I couldn’t help but be put in a good mood. Feeling disconnected from the outside world, it was wonderful to have something that connects you to someone else. I even planned my outfit for work today around the necklace that she made me. It was something I really needed to just sit back and stop freaking out. It made me feel good, really good.

So I’m trying to be calm. I’m trying to be happy. I’m trying to just breathe.

And what is better to take a minute to breathe, than to tell the story of two gay budgie birds (and to show off my mother’s beautiful Christmas village).





pictures are courtsy of my brand new non-christmas present–an awesome camera to document my life. Expect many pictures to come when I’m unemployed and have too much free time on my hand.


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