The Empty Page.

It appears as though I have let my writing slip my mind as I settle back into the student state of mind. Well, not just that. Andrew and I have been spending a lot more time together since I have one less thing to worry about (work) and therefore my computer has been left alone more and more. When I haven’t been catching up with Andrew, and remembering exactly why I fell in love with him, I’ve been trying to concentrate on getting my life re-organized again which has turned out to be more of a process then I thought it would be. I’m just glad to want to clean again, and to want to keep my life from falling to peices again.

One thing, though, that I am still finding difficult is writing.

Once upon a time I used to make a point to work on my stories at least an hour every day. Nowadays, however, it’s not coming as easy. I’m not sure if it’s that I’ve been distracting myself with surfing ebay and reading blogs, or if I just can’t get back into the same state of mind. I’ve been working on the same novel since the summer, and stuck. Not even my same trusted playlist has been able to coax the words from my brain to the page, which is more than a little frustrating. Part of me thinks that maybe I need to expand my musical tastes and part of me is scared that I just need to lock myself in a room (preferably without the internet) for a day with just an open word document and my Ipod and see what happens.

My current hope is that the creative writing workshop that I start next Monday will be my butt kick, and get the words flowing. Because it’s not like the ideas aren’t coming–they are. They just get stuck inside, floating around, and I can’t figure out the way to tell the stories.

And if anyone has any music inspiration, I’m in dire need. There is only so many stories the Dandy Warhols and The Postal Service can offer, I guess. The Ataris never stop delivering though. They will always be the band I turn to when writing has hit the wall.


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