When I get home I kiss my mom, and she fixes me a snack… and I head down to my basement bedroom and fire up my Mac…

Okay, so this entry might seem a little silly to some (especially with the special event happening in Washington today) but when you’re in love, you’re in love. There is nothing silly about love.

Once in a while, I have been known to fall in love with certain things. Usually these items I covet are related to fashion–Balenciaga Motorcycle bag; Ray-ban sunglasses; American Apparel Figure-skater dress. But, once in a while, the source of my love is more technological than that. My love for technology has usually been pretty simple: A Blackberry. An Ipod. A Sidekick (someday).

Even before I fell in love with that beautiful computer geek of a boyfriend, there was one thing I loved and lusted for more than anything. And that was a Macintosh computer.

The first time I ever caught a glimpse of a Mac (that I remember, at least) was when I was 12 years old and discovered Sex and The City, late at night when my parents were out. You would have thought at twelve I would have been more fascinated by the “naughty” parts of the show, but instead I remember staring at my television, and fascinated by the computer that Carrie Bradshaw was typing out her deepest thoughts on.


From that moment on, I was absolutely in love with the computer. It was cute, it was different. And I just loved the little apple icon on the back. All I could think was “someday, I’m going to have one of those computers and I’m going to write out the greatest stories on it.“I could just picture myself sitting at my own desk, maybe in front of a window, maybe not, typing out my latest novel.

And then there was Cordelia on Angel, who also used an ibook, one which was even cuter and even more covet worthy.This one, white and blue, was so cute, and so beautiful. It was all I could ever want. Even now, looking at those computers, I still think it would be so cool to have one of the colored ibooks (which I know is probably not the actual name for them, but oh well, I digress). Andrew has a teal imac, which he bought for $35 and I love to just look at. Too bad it never gets used.



The Tangerine ibook that Elle Woods used in Legally Blonde was also a favorite, even more so. It made her stand out from those around her, and allowed for her to be her. Maybe that was why I always loved the Mac–it stood out in a crowd, it was different. Sure, the same thing can’t really be sad nowadays, because everyone and their Mom seems to have one on my University campus, but oh well. Again, I’m getting off topic.


I was so obsessed with the Mac I even downloaded add-ons for my Sims game: the Simbook. Sure, I was playing the Sims on my PC, but in my heart I was a Mac girl and I could play out my Mac fantasies everyday. There were even different colored ones so I could really make my dreams come true. You can still find add-ons for the Sims which allows you to download Macs for your Sims to play on. And if I still had the Sims you can guarantee that I would be playing the Sims constantly and all my little sim people would be playing games and searching for jobs using their very own, colored simbook.


That’s a picture from the Sims 2, but it gets my point across. Like I said, I was a girl obsessed (and, from this entry, I’d say I still am a girl obsessed). I saw Mac’s everywhere. Even my favorite girl detective slash young adult hero owned herself my dream computer (although I find it interesting how the production crew on Veronica Mars went to great lengths to try and hide the apple symbol. I never noticed this until I started rewatching the show, but they really do get creative when hiding the symbol as though we couldn’t tell that she’s using a Macbok Pro.)



With passing episode of Veronica Mars, my love for this beautiful computer grew and grew, even though, at the time, I had a PC laptop. That hated me and was constantly giving me trouble. I won’t name the brand, but let’s just say it was the suckiest computer I’ve ever used in the entire world. You know what made my love for this computer grow even more was the fact that Andrew purchased himself a mac. A beautiful white mac which I occasionally used and therefore fell in love with even more. Up to this point, I had never even touched one, and once I did, I never wanted to stop. And therefore as soon as I could afford it, my dreams came true: I bought my very own MacIntosh computer.

And honestly, I’ve never loved anything (except you know, people) more.

And so, here is the beautiful creature in which my entire entry has been dedicated to:





Isn’t it beautiful in all it’s purple glory? Half my University may have a Mac, but I haven’t seen one purple mac as beautiful as mine is, that’s for sure. It makes me happy. And trust me, many a great story will be penned on this beauty. And the future macs I plan on adding to my collection.

Because, you know: once you go Mac, you never go back!


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