And tonight will go on forever while we walk around this town like we own the streets… and stay awake through summer like we own the heat.

You’re stuck in the past a bit today, but it’s not such a bad thing,
really. In fact, you may find that people are more willing than usual
to reminisce with you and recall the good times.

My horoscope for today. I used to have an obsession with checking my horoscope regularly in high school, but I haven’t really cared so much as I’ve gotten older. It’s more of an occasional thing now, from time to time I’ll check it. This one struck me because not only is it describing how I’m feeling today, but how I’ve been feeling for the last couple days. Thinking about what can only be described as “the good old days”. Between the ages of fifteen and, oh, about nineteen I had more adventures with my best friends than people have in a lifetime. But the thing about growing up, is sooner or later people–you, them, or both–change. Nothing stays the same forever. People get older, they listen to new music, they make new friends, you make new friends, fall in love.

You just grow up.

For the longest time I was terrified of growing up, of things changing. My reactions to change usually involve tears. But lately, the more I think about this thing called growing up, the more I started to–maybe–be okay with it. Of course I still want to hold onto the way things used to be. There are a reason that those memories mean so much to me and a reason why I wouldn’t want to lose that. But growing up is important too. Because if I didn’t grow up, didn’t change, then my stories never would have been inspired, I never would have met Andrew, I wouldn’t be the girl I am today.

And that would be bad.

Going through old photographs, I decided the best way to reflect fondly on these memories was to compile my favorite, set to a song that instantly takes me back to seventeen. I cherish these photographs almost as much as I cherish the memories behind them. These are the people who I will never forget and mean the world to me. They have inspired my greatest stories and been there for me no matter what. And in my heart, I’ll be forever seventeen, sneaking champagne down to the lake to drink with my friends and having the best days of our lives.


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