Goodbye to you… goodbye to everything I thought I knew.

Part 2 of the Great Closet Clean-Out.

I’ve done the whole extreme clean thing before, going through clothes and the etc. But this is probably the first time I’ve stopped actually consider what I want to keep, and why. Looking back over almost 10 years worth of clothing, it wasn’t easy. I know for some people music can take people back to a place, a memory. And for me, clothing does the same thing. Just holding a shirt I can be taken back–to the first time I bought it, to the first time I wore it, to something special that happened while wearing it.  Of course this doesn’t happen with all clothing–if it did, I have a feeling cleaning would have been even harder.

And so the journey through the mess that was my closet began.

The worst part of all? Realizing that no matter how much I love something, sometimes you just have to realizing that certain clothes last forever. And no amount of wishing it going to make it be the same shirt it once was. And so those shirts had to be tossed. I think more than anything that is what makes it worse. Not only am I giving away clothes but, unfortunately, throwing them away. And, in throwing them away, letting go of the memories attached.

But the great thing about letting go is that when you do, it makes room for other things to come into your life. Even though sometimes it feels comfortable to hide that special thing in the back of your closet, it takes up room, and when something great comes along, there may not be enough in your life for it. So while it may not be the easiest thing to do, and it make take more strength then you ever thought possible, you have to let go. You have to move on: to what’s new, what could be special and what makes you smile.

However, those really special shirts, skirts and dresses never go out of style.


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