Fill my heart with song, let me sing for ever more… you are all I long for, all I worship and adore.


Lately I’ve been posting about clothes a lot, haven’t I? This particular dress was given to me by Andrew for Valentine’s Day, a complete surprise. As much as I adore this dress, and have coveted it for ages upon ages, I never actually thought Andrew would (A) buy it for me, or (B) think to go out and buy it for me. But it’s funny, because for Valentine’s Day I also bought him something to wear, a shirt from XKCD, which is his favorite website. We’re a fashion couple, I guess. It’s all about the threads.

Our Valentine’s Day was simple, much simpler than we even planned. But after some pretty devastating news on Friday night, dinner together & a couple movies (plus some Wii bowling) was exactly what I needed my Valentine’s Day to be.

Just the two of us, together.


One response

  1. Oh wow, I am in love with that dress. It’s gorgeous! Andrew has amazing taste! I don’t think Jonathan could buy me an article of clothing for me without my help. :]

    Hope you’re well, Love. I miss our chats.<3

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