We won’t stand for hazy eyes anymore….

Two days into “Spring” break, and it sucks.

Okay, that wasn’t positive, but so far into this spring break I’ve been fighting the Mike Tyson of colds (and he’s winning) and now, because of that bitch of a cold, I have pink eye. PINK EYE. You know, that things that elementary kids get because they keep sticking their fingers in their eyes, or something. But, according to Wikipedia, Pink Eye can also be a beautiful side effect of a particularly bad cold, or sore throat. Oh, Mike Tyson, you play dirty.

I also just love reading that it can last up to three weeks. Because who doesn’t want to come back from Spring Break with a contagious disease?

Thankfully I didn’t have anything huge planned for my break excluding watching teen movies, playing video games, catching up on both reading, and writing. However, I had planned on going over to campus for both a meeting with Carol about my writing and to work on a couple projects. Right now, I definitely don’t feel like leaving the house or having anyone see me. I don’t even want to go shopping (forget the fact I don’t have money–not important). And with a throat that feels like sandpaper, and now this eye… well I don’t have high hopes for the rest of my week getting any better. Hopefully, maybe by Friday, I can feel good enough for birthday celebrations with friends. I have yet to take the pants out on a worthy adventure, and downtown dancing is definitely a worthy adventure.

And I can not let this entry end like this.
I need something better to offer than “pink eye”.

And so, for your viewing pleasure, the three purses I picked up on a shopping trip to Frenchy’s on Sunday with my mother. Frenchy’s has always been my favorite store, not only because it has scored me not only a black Vera Wang dress, but also my Yves Saint Laurent men’s dress shirt which is probably one of the most comfortable shirts I own and one of my favorites hands down. Sometimes when I go to Frenchy’s I find myself a cute shirt, the perfect jeans, an adorable dress, and on this particular occasion I was more in an accessories kind of mind. And so we have my three purses of choice, and the spring-like scarf I just fell in love with the second I saw it.

(And please excuse the crappy webcam quality pictures. Left my camera at in my friend’s kitchen after a night of drinks and that is where is lies, safely, until I make the journey up the street to rescue it.)


What I love the most about these purses is how different the three of them are. The gold one is this sweet and innocent romantic purse. The snakeskin purse is sexier, and would be fun for  a night of dancing. And the fringed purse reminds me of something a rockstar would carry, and I have a feeling I will be using a lot this summer. And how much did all three of these purses cost me. $9.25 plus tax.



And I would say the “rockstar purse”, as I’ve dubbed it, is probably my favorite of the three of them. It was the purse which caught my eye first and I just had to have it. It’s so original, and I love the personality of it.


Now I’m off to fill my afternoon with sugar-free popsicles and broth and Mario Party 8. It may not be Cancun, and there may be too much snow on the ground, but it’s my version of Spring Break and it’s all I have and so I’m going to live it up, even if I have low-cal Grape-Cranberry juice instead of Pina Coladas and Uggs instead of bikinis.


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