We are the crowd… we’re coming out. Got my flash on it’s true… need that picture of you.

Life hasn’t been too overly exciting lately.

Aside from school, I’ve been not doing much of anything. Tuesday (otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day) I did go out, but was home and asleep by 10:30pm, forgoing celebrating my Irish heritage. While at the party we had gone to I was falling asleep on Andrew’s shoulder, and that was without having drinks in me. I also slept until noon the next day. My sleep pattern has been kind of out of wack, so I’ve either been wickedly tired or completely unable to sleep.

Last night, I was invited to go out for drinks and dancing for the birthday of a friend of Andrew’s. I wore my brand new dress, which I hadn’t yet had the chance to debut somewhere fabulous… or well anywhere outside my bedroom. We went to this club that I had never been to before, Pacifico, and it was really nice. Kind of reminded me of the clubs the girls went to on Sex and the City. Of course, I could really only afford the cover, so we hung out at Andrew’s apartment before hand, drank a little and laughed a lot. It was nice. It felt grown up. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy my drunken memories with friends, it’s just like sometimes it’s nice to take a small glance into what the future could hold. And it is also nice not being the one who has to be carried home.

Actually, I realized something last night. I haven’t been falling-down-can’t-talk-or-remember-the-night-before drunk since October. And, okay, maybe it’s not something to gush about that I could ever be that person. But I’m proud of the fact that I think I’m… gotten control over something which–at one point last year–was spiraling horribly out of control. It feels nice to be able to just laugh and dance, and not let myself get to the point where I can’t stand, speak, or even think. Really, really nice.

Andrew and I also went to the Saturday morning farmer’s market this morning, which was beyond nice. We always mean to go there, but sometimes life, and sleep, gets in the way. Not only did we pick up a nice package of gluten-free everything bagels (which had garlic overload but were yummy none the less) but we also found gluten-free vegetarian sausage! Yes, this was pretty much the highlight of our market adventure. Before I went gluten-free I was able to find vegetarian sausage no problem, but it was a little um… “hamster-foodish” (to quote Andrew). This was not the case with this sausage. I absolutely loved it. Andrew wasn’t too keen on the texture of it although he said he enjoyed the taste, but I would definitely buy it again. It was probably one of the better vegetarian gluten-free things I’ve had in a while. I just wish you could find it on my side of the bridge but it is actually made by a restaurant in Halifax. Oh well. Another excuse for sleepover’s at Andrew’s I guess. I also have a list of vegetarian restaurants we need to try out, all we extensive gluten-free options. I’m really trying to do better with the food thing, and eat healthier.

Now, I’m off to watch either Across the Universe or Breakfast at Tiffany’s and wish that I had lived in New York in the 1960s. There is just something about that time period…. sigh.






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