I’m Mr(s). Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous…

You know it’s funny when boom, out of no where, you are hit with inspiration.

When I am stuck with writer’s block, I’m constantly searching for something to write about, usually to no avail. It doesn’t matter if my favorite songs are playing, or I read through old diary entries. So that is why when random inspiration strikes me, and I find my fingers typing faster than my brain even works? It’s strange. I’m not complaining, of course. I’m much happier than when I’m not writing.The same goes for writing in here, although to a much lesser extent. I am a storyteller. Plain, simple. Period.

The inspiration for my newest story, titled Mr. Rich and Famous, comes from a random reunion with my grade five crush on the bus this morning. He was wearing a suit and tie, looking like a business man. No matter how far I’ve come since, I was taken back to grade five instantly, remembering how much I thought I was in love with him. It made me laugh.

And that got me to thinking: what would it be like running into that elementary school crush after years apart, and he was now a famous movie star? That’s the situation my character Sasha finds herself when Owen Ryder, her fifth grade crush and current Hollywood superstar, comes back to visit Dalkery, the town he grew up in. And Sasha will stop at nothing for her chance to tell him the things she never got a chance to say.

Without future delay:

“Mr. Rich and Famous”

written by Shannon White, March/09


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