We got older, but we’re still young… we never grew out of this feeling that we won’t give up.

Another late night and another late night entry. Yes, I should be sleeping. Instead I’m downloading an entire soundtrack of songs from summers past. It’s funny–my mind keeps drifting to those warm months, to smiling faces, to be carefree and silly. I’ll never be sixteen again, getting drunk off cheap wine at the lake with my best friends. But there is something special in just remembering “the best days of our lives“.

I’m in a peaceful mood right now, smiling to myself about nothing at all. It’s not often I feel just so effortlessly happy. And so, I thought I would share….

the simple things that bring me joy:

  • downloading the soundtrack of my summer between sixteen and today.
  • writing easily and effortless after what feels like so long in silence.
  • making friends with the sidewalk pigeons.
  • the fact that I can make a killer soy cappuccino all by myself.
  • spending hours walking around book stores, just staring at the covers & reading the first pages.
  • the way Andrew looks at me right before he laughs.
  • the way Andrew looks first thing in the morning.
  • random text messages from friends when I’m feeling lonely.
  • sunshine.

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