On a rainy Monday I feel it inside me… like the days of summer. On a rainy Monday I feel it inside me… in the hopes of one day.


Of course it would happen that after two days of beyond beautiful weather, it’s raining. No, not just raining–pouring. Winds howling. The skies dreary. I guess it’s one step forward, two steps back. Then again when you have no choice but to lock yourself up inside your bedroom, or the library, then it’s almost a relief that it’s a cold nasty day outside. You don’t have too worry about missing out on the sunshine. Okay rain, I’ll let you win this one time. But there better be more sunshine on the way.

So what is a girl to do when skies are gray? Play dress up, of course.











just a quick note: the necklace I’m wearing in the last set (with the green dress) was made by the fabulous apricot-tea. She makes seriously beautiful jewelry, of which I’m lucky enough to own a couple pieces. Her blog is amazing, and so is she!
She also sells her stuff, so check it out!

2 responses

    • Well I adore the necklace darling. Favorite thing ever. I definitely think I’ll be doing the fashion-thing more often. I forgot how much I enjoy dressing up. And that isn’t even 1/100th of what is in my closet so I promise to show off more! Haha. Any excuse to get dressed up. =)

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