Oh what if I say “why don’t we play”… I’ll wear your star.

Dress up: Part 2

A collection of my absolute favorites.

Right now, I don’t have much to write about. But I still want to post. Therefore, because the last dress-up post was so much fun, I thought I would do another. Once in a while it’s nice to dress up and have a “photo shoot” of kinds. Especially those clothes that winter (and, unfortunately, it’s winter outside again) has kept you out of. And tada. Summer really cannot not come soon enough for me. Nope, not at all.



pink shirt & pleather tights. this pink shirt is comfy, and I always turn to it when I’m having one of those days.



my china doll shirt. technically my mom’s shirt from germany. I dug it out of the basement years ago, and adore it. it’s actually a pj top, but shhhhh.



bought this last summer on a whim. usually it’s worn with jeans and a shirt underneath, but I was feeling daring. and i love the drop in the back.



yves saint laurent shirt found at frenchy’s for $3. what can I say other than j’adore YSL.



black sweater dresses are my staple be it spring, summer, fall or winter.


I threw this in here, just for fun. a cute outfit worthy of a dance and drink.




and finally, my zebra stripe booty shorts. I’ve had these literally forever, and they are the best pjs ever. and doesn’t every girl deserve a cute pair of pjs, worthy of late-night summer adventures. oh, the times that were had.


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