The sun is set and the moon is high… the night is long and here for you and I to capture.

Happy April 1st

I thought about doing some kind of devious April fools trick, but I’ve never been good at this whole tricking other people thing. I think it is because I’m too darn gullible myself. Other people have always held the upper hand in the April Fools Day territory. Maybe someday I’ll get someone, but until that day comes I’m just happy falling for other people’s tricks. (Like I even have a choice…)

There is something wonderful about the beginning of a new month, especially a new month which isn’t March. And April is a month that holds lots of things: the beginning of warmer weather, Easter, exams. The end of school, the first real hints that maybe, just maybe, summer is around the corner. Oh, and don’t forget, the beginning of allergy season, which will last until, oh, November.

However, there are somethings I want to accomplish this month:

  • continue working and revising Nameless.
  • start writing more regularly (at least after school ends). Put aside a hour a day for writing.
  • spring cleaning. (…again)
  • start cooking more often, and different foods. Cooking much more vegetarian and vegan foods. I really want to try cooking with tempah since I’ve heard good thing about it (and my last experience with it was less than positive).
  • start exercising more regularly.
  • trying to detox from white sugar.
  • get out into the world more (afternoon walks with Andrew, photographing more, ect.)
  • start looking for a job.
  • finally get a letter to Ev’yan in the mail (I’m a bad pen pal.)


adding this adorable picture of Andrew and I taken two weekends ago. I just thought it was a really, really nice picture of the two of us. Probably one of the better pictures that have ever been taken of us.



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