Scraping paper to document… I’ve packed a change of clothes and it’s time to move on.

I can’t believe it: today is (god willing) my last day of University classes. And the only words I can really find to describe the moment? Holy crap.

Okay, so not the most eloquent of expressions, but really I can’t think of much else to describe the moment, waiting in my basement, knowing soon I’ll be hoping on the bus, going over to campus, and attending my last classes. And all I can think about is that very first day, my very first class. I had been terrified, scared to even get out of my Mother’s car. But I had, slipping my sunglasses over my eyes, and taking those first steps into the future. And now here I am, taking my last steps. And my future is wide open in front of me, and once again I’m terrified. I may be four years old, slightly wiser, but I’m still so scared of what is going to come next.

It has to be too soon for nostalgia… it just has to.


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