Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me… Don’t cha.

I spent yesterday with Andrew. He brought me flowers in the morning, and then we went for a walk, took silly pictures, and mourned the park where we first met, which was recently replaced by a “new and improved” park. We also visited his Aunt and Uncle’s, where I painted the best darn purple bunny ever. I adore the days where the two of us can just be together, no where to go, no distractions. We can just be together. There is a reason I love this boy: I can be myself around him. Even if that person is a finger-painting, swing set loving, crazy picture taking nerd. I’m his finger-painting swing set loving crazy picture taking nerd.







I already posted about it in [tasty & gluten free], but made Andrew his Easter cupcakes this afternoon with awesome vegan icing. They are looking pretty darn sweet, if I do say so myself. First time I’ve been successful in this whole icing making endeavor since saying goodbye to dairy. But no more. These cupcakes are awesome, and not only does the icing look cool, it actually doesn’t taste like a big mess of icing sugar. That is very important.


Happy Easter ♥

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