I got a twenty-dollar bill that says no one’s ever seen you without makeup… you’re always made up.

Didn’t quite plan on doing a post before I went away (I should be doing laundry right to actually…) but Ev’yan tagged me in this and I thought why the heck not. Now the rules of this photo-tag, as posted by Ev’yan are:

To play photo-tag, you must snap a picture of yourself just as you are in the moment, with no touching up, or primping. Then you tag other bloggers, with the hopes that you weren’t the only one taking a picture without any makeup on.

And what better time to take a picture of yourself than at 8am, just after waking up and without brushing my hair. I’d already taken out my new sleep plate though, so you missed out on that beauty. I never wear make-up, so every picture is one taken of me without, but here all I am in all my stripped pajama glory.


Now I don’t have many other bloggers on my blogroll repertoire, but I’m going to tag Shana and Katie since beyond Ev’yan’s blog and a whole bunch of food blogs they are they are my heavy reading lately. I definitely need to get out in the blog world more often.

So if you read my blog, and have a blog… leave me a comment! I need some new reading material! =)


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