Summer lovin’… had me a blast. Summer lovin’… happened so fast.


Pink tube top. Winners colorful skirt. My favorite dollar store sunglasses. Teal beaded necklace.

Today is a wonderful, beautiful, fantastic day… and not only because of the fact I am officially done my last exam. No the sun is shining, the birds are singing, flowers are growing and what is that? I am wearing a sleeveless shirt. Only a month ago my life was snow and sleet and freezing rain and now I’m finding myself wearing no sleeves.

I also spent a chunk of today with some girls I used to be best friends with. And instead of feeling awkward, feeling like I was on the outside looking in, I felt included. Not only did we walk, and reminisce, but we also made plans to make sure we spend a good chunk of time together before Ashley goes to the states for a big chunk of the summer. There are plans for walks, and swimming and picnics. Things we used to do before school caused us to all be busy little bees.

This summer… feels different already and it hasn’t even started yet. I spent last night with friends, spent today with friends. It’s a much better feeling than locking yourself in your bedroom and feeling alone.


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