Lazy Sunday… wake up in the late afternoon.

It feels strange sitting in my bedroom on a Sunday afternoon without having to worry about getting stuff done. No essays to write, no exams to study for. And while there is nothing better right now than curling up in bed and watching the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer–currently watching season four–it has occurred to me that I need to find things to do, to keep my hands busy. Looking for a job is definitely on the list, although not as actively as when I graduate, but I’m trying to come up with things to do. Writing has always been my hobby–the one thing I constantly turn to. But until I find myself in full find a job mode, I need things to do to keep from slowly going insane. When I graduated from High School, and was jobless, I spent a great deal of time watching CSI: Las Vegas and making pillows.

So what to do with my free time.

I’m thinking of taking up running, maybe because it can clear my head (and I’m desperate to get into better shape). And there are a bunch of books which I want to read, which means I’ll probably be venturing to the library as soon as I finish the books I own. More than anything I wish I could find creative things to do. I do love my coloring–yes, I’m 22 and I adore coloring books and crayons–and I’ve been toying with the idea of taking up sketching or painting… things to do that can calm the nerves, be relaxing.

I really am trying to get out into the world more… to stop hiding in my (now clean) bedroom. Going out yesterday, if only for a little while, with Ashley and Mishy was good for me. And I have missed them, a lot. It’s disappointing knowing Ashley will be spending two months working in the US at a summer camp, but I really hope in the month and a half before she goes away, the three of us can do all the things we gushed about yesterday. Swimming. Walking. Shopping. Girlie sleepovers with face masks. The things we used to do before we all got busy with school and life. And I’ve already promised Mishy that this summer, while Ashley’s gone, the two of us we have fun adventures at the beach. I’m keeping my mind open, I’m keeping hopeful. This summer will be a good summer.

0426purple dress (from Montreal) given to me from my sister for my 21st birthday.

I really am trying to go through my closet, get dressed, not wear the same things over and over. Even on a lazy day, like today, I’m trying. Which is why instead of lounging around in the same jeans and t-shirt (or my pajamas) watching Buffy, I’m wearing this gorgeous dress my sister gave me for my 21st birthday which I’ve only worn once before this. I love the light gauzy material, which is perfect for lounging on a lazy Sunday. Oh, yes. I don’t see much getting done this afternoon beside Buffy watching. But really, what is wrong with that.


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