I want to live where soul meets body… and let the sun wrap its arms around me.



White Wal-mart T-shirt. Andy Warhol Levi Capris. Purse thrifted from Mom. Black Cartigan. Orange beady necklace.

Another day. Another outfit. This time it was a going-grocery-shopping-with-Mom outfit. Once again the strangeness of not being in school is hitting me. I’m adoring the sunshine though. And I picked up the cutest straw hat I’ve ever seen from Joe. I know that those straw cowboy hats are always popular for the summer and the beach, but I thought this hat was different but also had that beachy feel. Which should be great when it actually gets warm enough to go to the beach.


In other non-clothing news (because really, I want to be more about just a daily outfit here), Andrew’s grandmother passed away yesterday morning. And Andrew being Andrew, he’s not saying much. Quiet reserve. And I’m trying to be there for him, but I’m finding it so hard to say the right things or know what the right things are to say. More than anything I want to wrap my arms around him, pull him in and give him a great big hug. We’re going to spend tomorrow together, and I’m going to make him cupcakes because… well, I’m good at making cupcakes. And for some reason making cupcakes seems like the thing to do.

Sometimes life just makes me so sad sometimes. I don’t understand how cruel life can be, especially cancer. Why do people have to get cancer? Why do people have to die? It just doesn’t make sense to me.


2 responses

  1. I am so sorry for Andrew’s loss. :[ Was he very close with his grandmother? Jonathan grandfather was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s extremely sad to watch those you love get old & wither away…

    On the other hand: I love that you’re starting to do fashion posts now! I’ve always wondered what was in your closet. :] I love this outfit!

    • Andrew went and visited her every summer at their cottage in Ontario so it was hard because he hadn’t seen her since last summer (and even then, she wasn’t doing well). I just wish I knew what to say to him.

      Thanks for the outfit comment. I’m loving these jeans. Your fashion posts have seriously inspired me and I really want to venture deeper and deeper into my closet especially because we’ve been having gorgeous weather.

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