There’s a goddess in the doorway… asking how much can I take.



Maroon “goddess” dress. Black tank. Sparrow necklace. Black braided headband.

It’s a beautiful day today. Andrew and I went for a nice long walk in the 30 degree weather. It’s like the middle of July, except it’s April. This dress (although pretty maxi in length) is probably on of my favorite dresses. It’s long, but sheer and light. It makes me feel like a goddess, which was kind of what my look was inspired by.


2 responses

  1. This is so pretty – summery and light, I really want to be able to wear this kind of clothing soon…. send your weather to central Canada! = )

    (Found you through Apricot Tea!)

    • Well I love meeting new people. =) Hey.

      Yeah, this dress is fantastic. I adore it. I wish I could share the weather but unfortunately one day and it’s left us. =( I’m hoping for some more 30 degree weather (heck, I’d settle for 20 degree weather) soon. Very, very soon.

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