I guess this is growing up…


Black pinstripe blazer. Pink paisley H&M shirt. Black Joe tank top. Light blue capri’s. Sparrow necklace. Black peeptoe wedges (not pictured).

Thursday’s are usually busy days, today being no exception. The weather isn’t as warm and summery as it has been, so hence the keep-me-warm blazer. I adore this shirt too: my sister gave it to me. Actually the whole outfit is put together from hand me downs: shirt and blazer thrifted from sister. Jean capri’s thrifted from little cousin Vanessa. Black peeptoe wedges thrifted from Mom. Perfect for a shopping and sushi date with Mom.

In addition to my trip to the dentist, Mom and I took a trip to the mall searching for a dress for graduation–the dress. A present from my parents to me for graduation. And I found it: a beautiful blue Calvin Klein dress that is flowy and pretty and I want so bad. The only problem is this beautiful dress is slightly damaged. Which is a shame because its the exact look I’m going for for my graduation dress: sweet, romantic but also sophisticated.


picture from: www.dillards.com

I just love the coloring of this dress: it’s even prettier in the store. That paired with a cute pair of wedges would be just perfect (and without the sash… I like the flowy-ness of the dress). Oh, pair that with the fact that it’s majorly on sale and it would be way perfect. So dress shopping tomorrow means keeping that in mind but also trying not to keep in mind too much so that I find it impossible to buy anything else. Yes–the idea of graduating is really starting to settle in. Mom and I were discussing the graduation party that she will inevitably throw for me over our lunch date. The yummy Shannon friendly foods that will make the party perfect: gluten-free and dairy-free deliciousness. It’s sort of, kind of exciting when you really think about it. Especially because we’re going to make it all gluten-free: I’m going to make cookies and cupcakes and there will be gluten-free donuts cropped into the perfect size for sharing.

Now as long as I don’t have a mental breakdown the day of, everything will be perfect.


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