The only question I ever thought was hard… do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?


Long white Zellars t-shirt. Jean vest thrifted from my sister. Pink Duchess jeans bought for $3 at Winners (when I was seventeen!) Sparrow necklace.

Another rainy day, another pair of brightly colored jeans. I have to give Andrew some credit for this outfit since he encouraged me to wear my pink jeans which I haven’t worn in a while. Part of the reason I don’t wear these jeans as often is because I feel like they make my thighs look huge. But I do enjoy this outfit. I adore this vest–it’s a kid’s size 12, but it fits me and I love wearing it. I have a serious thing for shrunken jean vests. Reminds me of Veronica Mars.  This was my going-to-see-the-premiere-of-Star-Trek outfit. I almost wore my “talk Nerdy to me” t-shirt but decided against it at the last minute.

As I said, we went to see Star Trek tonight and I have just one word for you: Epic. I grew up, as many people did, constantly watching Star Trek and The Next Generation and all the other incarnations so I was pretty excited to see the movie. Maybe even more excited than I let on. We also saw it in Imax so it was almost like you were right there, in space, witnessing everything. I don’t want to give the movie away too much, but I will say a couple things. I was almost in tears in the first scene. The casting was pretty much perfect. I really loved the way it captured the spirit of the original series. And Chris Pine is swoon worthy. Oh, and I totally have a crush on Anton Yelchin–he’s totally charming.

So if you have a chance to see the movie, do it! In Imax, especially.

The whole movie going experience was pretty awesome. This one actually had the radio station there, and they gave away free t-shirts and hats (I won neither, sadly). Andrew and Yuki (Andrew’s roommate from last year) ran to the grocery store and picked me up a whole picnic for the movie watching experience. There is, sadly, nothing–aside from Coke Zero–that I can eat at the movie theater. They do sell veggies, sometimes, but the last time I bought those at that particular theater the veggies were rotten. I do think I had way too much aspartame tonight; Coke Zero in the theater, sugar-free vanilla syrup with my soy cappuccino at Starbucks afterwards, and then a large Diet Root Beer from A&W when they stopped for burgers. (Andrew’s veggie burger smelled so good. I’m definitely buying Sunshine burgers tomorrow). But all in all, aspartame overdose aside, it was a really great time.

And now I’m exhausted and off to bed. One week until graduation–ONE WEEK. That is just insane. It also means one week and two days until the summer job search gets very, very serious.  (And it especially means that in about two weeks, I’m doing it: I’m getting my tattoo. That I couldn’t be more excited for.)


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