Tangled up in blue.

I love jeans. In fact, most of the pants I own happen to be jeans. I have blue jeans, black jeans, pink jeans, fancy jeans, ripped jeans. You get the idea. And I wear them a lot. But one thing I feel about wearing jeans is that you shouldn’t over do it; if you’re wearing a fancier shirt then it’s always better to go simpler on the jeans, and vise versa. So when I put on an old, faded pair of jeans today I knew that I wanted a fancier looking shirt. Something that stood out against the grey skies. Sure, I was only going grocery shopping. But who knows what the day will bring.


Diane von Furstenberg pink and yellow frilly shirt. Trusted old faded blues.

I love this Diana von Furstenberg blouse. I found it for $3 in a Frenchy’s bin and have yet to actually wear it. It doesn’t actually show as much skin as appears in the picture; that was just the way I was posing. But I do like how it shows that sliver of skin. My stomach is one of my most self-conscious areas, so when I find a shirt that compliments that area, then I know I’ve found a winner. And sometimes it’s nice to get out of your comfort zone. I’m not usually a flashy girl, and I almost never “show off”, but this shirt makes me feel pretty, and a little sexy. Even when I’m walking down the peanut butter isle or picking out soy yogurt.


3 responses

  1. Wow I simply adore that top – DVF is amazing and what a freakin score! Seriously, that totally beats my leather jacket bargain!

    I hear you on the tummy thing, it’s a battle I am always losing.

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