Well, that’s all right, mama… that’s all right for you… that’s all right mama, just anyway you do.


Red Silk blouse. Black Joe tank top. Skinny Foxy jeans. Black wedge peep toes.

I’m going to preface this by saying that originally I planned on putting more effort into my outfit. But at 11 o’clock, I was still taking a bath when I was told that we would be leaving at 11:15. So I kind of had to rush to put something together. And then I thought about changing into my red dress for when we went out to dinner, but changed my mind when it started storming. If only the weather was more cooperative, I could come up with more exciting outfits. Never the less, I thought this was a cute outfit to wear for my mother’s day activities which included: seeing Star Trek for the second time (I swear, that movie is like crack. The second you leave you want to see it again). Visiting a Charity house which my parents buy tickets for every year. And finally visiting the Hamachi Grill and Sushi House for our yearly Mother’s Day dinner. I love going there because there are so many options, and also they are great at understanding the gluten-free thing; they even have a great gluten-free menu.

This is a pretty busy week at our house. It starts with a trim tomorrow, to keep my short hair looking short and baking either cupcakes or a cake, with Andrew’s 20th birthday on Tuesday, then Wednesday is my graduation rehearsal, and Thursday morning I’m getting my graduation pictures taken in the morning, before heading to Halifax for around noon to get ready for graduation. (I’m not even starting to think about that until I absolutely have to). Also Thursday night is our Graduation dinner at The Wooden Monkey with the whole family, which I am very excited about. Friday is the graduation party with Friends and Family, and then on Saturday we’re having my Mom’s family birthday celebrations with everyone: Grandparents, Aunt & Uncle, sister and her fiance, Family friends and Andrew. We’re having a huge Trivial Pursuit competition. It’s going to be epic.

Yep that is something everyday this week.

I’ll try and keep up with the blog posts as much as possible, mostly because–like baking–writing is something which keeps me sane. And although I know it won’t be on purpose, this attention I’ll get this week because of my graduation will be very unnerving. So while they may be sporatic posts, I’m going to try and post non-the-less. And keep the new and different (and hopefully more creative) outfits a coming. One warm day, that’s all I ask for. One warm day.


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