Oh I cut his hair myself one night… a pair of dull scissors in the yellow light.



Black Shrunken Blazer. White Wal-mart Shirt. Bluenotes boot cut blue jeans. Aquamarine dollar star necklace. Black peeptoe wedges (not pictured).

Can you tell how much I adore my wedges. Even though I haven’t really shown them much, I wear them constantly. Honestly, they are more comfortable to me then even wearing flats, plus they make my legs look long and toned. (They can be seen here.)

Day one of week crazy was getting my hair trimmed so as to not look bad in pictures. I didn’t really feel like getting too crazy, plus the weather just isn’t going the way I want it to. It’s kind of depressing. However not depressing was getting my hair done. One of my good friends, Alyssa, is my hair dresser. (She also now does my Mom and Sister’s hair as well). She’s been dying to get her hands on my hair forever, and it has looked impeccable since that very day. We both agree my hair looks much better shorter. Now let’s just hope I can mimic this style well enough Thursday morning when I’m trying to look good for (a) graduation pictures and (b) graduation.

And if worse comes to worse, Alyssa says I can call her that morning and she’ll do an emergency house call. Considering how stressed and freaked out I was over HAIR before both my high school prom and graduation, that is entirely possible.


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