another year you’ll all be here… falling in love and watching sunsets and sunrises.

First off: I’m wishing a happy, happy birthday to my dear Andrew who is 20 today.

Equally exciting today is that my friend Ev’yan at Apricot Tea is celebrating the launch of her advice column Ask Apricot. I’ve known Ev’yan for about six years, and let me tell you as a friend she’s always been great for giving advice, so I’m almost as excited about the launch of her advice column as she is!

And, for the launch of her column, she’s holding  a give away: someone will win the book Style Statement and an item of their choice from her store: Apricot’s Closet. So you should definitely make your way over to Ask Apricot and check the launch out. You know I’ll be there. =)

I’ll post pictures of whatever outfit I chose later today. I’m still trying to figure out what to wear. (And by that, I mean, I’m still in bed.)


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