I’m glad it’s your birthday… happy birthday to you.


XXXL Blue Ruffle shirt. Blue skinny foxy jeans. Sparrow necklace. Red oversized sunglasses (not pitured).

Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling the greatest yesterday for Andrew’s birthday (wasn’t even up to making him gluten-free cupcakes!) But I wanted to look nicer than wearing just pajamas. Especially since I ended up staying for supper at Andrew’s place. They kept the stirfry meat free so that I could enjoy. And his aunt brought over a cake for him, and even wrote on the cake: “this is not Shanna friendly“. It’s nice that his family thinks about me in situations like that. We ended up playing Scene It! a bunch last night and his Mom  beat me! It’s the first time I’ve ever lost the game. Darn, I love that game. Especially because it gets really competitive… Andrew gets really competitive. It’s like watching him play video games. There is jumping and screaming and beating his chest. It’s adorable.

Now today is my Graduation rehurshal. I’m still trying to decide what to wear today since it’s going to be fairly warm today. I still can’t believe tomorrow is my graduation. GRADUATION. FROM UNIVERSITY.

And the panic begins again.


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