One more cup of coffee for the road… one more cup of coffee before I go.

With such beautiful sunshine and warm weather there is nothing better than an adventure around town. Since Shane and I haven’t had a coffee date since school ended, we decided there was no time like the present for a day out and about on the town, fueled by coffee. Andrew has been away in Montreal all week for an engineering convention, so I’ve had to keep myself occupied. Monday night I had a girls night, which I haven’t done since school ended. I went out last night, and tonight I may also have plans with girls. It’s nice being able to get out of the house, to spend time with friends. To do things other than clean my room and fall asleep by ten (and watch an entire television series in only a short while.) That’s why summer has always been my favorite season–full of stories and adventure and iced coffee.

And no adventure in Halifax is complete without taking too many pictures.


my outfit of choice for this sunny day. I adore this H&M shirt even though being a medium it hangs funny and makes me look… bigger.

Me and Shane

sun buddy Shane.


Shane and his Starbucks Carmel Light Frappuccino.

Duck and coffee

My Second Cup iced coffee with Soymilk & Splenda. Also enjoyed an Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks.


our swan buddy.


Halifax harbor.

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