I see London.. I see France.

I don’t have much to write about today. I’m sick, with not only a stomach thing but my season allergies have started up. Bad. And because of my stomach thing, my allergy pills aren’t really working. So I’m red faced, exhausted and so not in the mood for food. However, today Andrew is back from Montreal. Boy, did I ever miss that boy. And being the sweetie he is, he brought me back a little present. He has very much fallen in love with the city, and seriously wants to take me to visit it with him. Oh, how I wish.

So when I dragged myself downstairs for our reunion, what was sitting on the table in front of that dear boy. Well, this:



Andrew knows Besty is by far my favorite designer. I just adore her quirky sense of fashion. My Betsyville flats are just gorgeous (and so was paying $5 for them!) According to Andrew, walking past the store he saw a white dress with cherries decorating it in the window and said “I’m buying that for Shannon”. However, the dress was $400. He wasn’t expecting the price of things. However, he did manage to find something for me.


The most adorable underwear ever! Seriously, aren’t those just the cutest. I adore them. I have a serious low affair with bras and panties, and these are right up there with my favorites. Andrew was scared I might not like them, but the boy has very good taste when it comes to picking out stuff for me. You should see the purse he got me for my graduation present. Another day, I promise.

I also picked up a new bikini yesterday for this summer. Like underwear, I love buying bikinis. I buy a new one pretty much every summer. Since I used to spend every day in a bikini once upon a time, I like to have options. I’ve been coveting this bikini for months now, and finally (with graduation money) decided to get it. It’s cool because the top is reversible, can be worn either as a bandeau or around the neck, and it’s also an extra small. Being petite in both the chest (32A) and the hips (33 inches around), finding a bikini small enough not to fall off of me is important.



I absolutely can’t wait to be able to put this on and go swimming already! Today was definitely warm enough for a jump into the lake, but I was under the weather. Thankfully we have an entire summer of lake and beach adventures coming our way.

Now I’m going to go off, and try and make myself something to eat and drink about six more liters of water. Tomorrow is “THE PROM”. Don’t worry, there will definitely be far too many pictures to come. What can I say, my family loves a good theme.


2 responses

    • Aren’t they adorable? I love them. Andrew has good taste in underwear. Maybe I should be scared, haha.

      I am starting to feel better already, which is good since tonight is “the prom”. Not sure what it was that made me feel sick, but I’m sticking to whole foods so I’m feeling better.

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