It could happen at the prom.. tonight!

Did you know there really aren’t that many songs about prom? At least not that I could find on my Google Search.

Anyways: Saturday night was THE PROM which was the birthday celebration marking my mother’s 50th birthday. Mom never went to her own prom when she was seventeen, and over the years she has helped people (Me, Krista and finally Vanessa) get ready for nine seperate proms. So we decorated the house, we downloaded 71 of the most popular songs from 1974, 1975 and 1976 and pulled on our favorite prom dresses.

I actually had trouble deciding on what dress to wear. It was a toss up between the prom dress I wore to my original prom, and a dress I bought and never had a chance to wear. However, in the end, I definitely think I made the right decision.

All around, it was a really fun night, and it really did kind of feel like we were all going to prom. (Almost) everyone dressed up, and there was dancing and punch and laughing and memories. And most of all, Mom loved it. She was happy. It was exactly how she was hoping the night would go, and that was really important. And I think it shows that you’re never too old to go to your prom, no matter how many decades later it is.

mom and dad

prom stars2

the girls

the boys

the kids

the grown ups

the boys2

punch bowl chatter

the kids2




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