It’s summer, summer, where all the girls bare olive shoulders.

Can you believe that it is June already? I’m loving the almost summer weather that has been teasing us lately. But being able to wear sandals, shorts and skirts has never been more exciting.

I’ve sucked when it comes to updating. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to update. I’ve even tried to write the occasional entry. I’ve just been completely uninspired. Or lazy. I’m not exactly sure which one rings true, but it is one of them. So I thought I would just write a breif update on life as it is currently until I have something mindblowing to update with:

  • I’ve been hanging out with my friends a lot more lately, which usually happens in the summer. And it’s been really night having a girls night (at least) once a week. I’ve really missed them, and hanging out and it makes me excited for what the summer is going to hold.
  • Recently, I’ve been thinking about putting a little stud into the top hole of my bellybutton (I got the bottom pierced about 4 years ago, and had the top done since I was in grade 10) and I love it paired with the bottom. It’s a tiny little one, not a barbell, and it looks funky. Exactly how I hoped that it would look.
  • I spent yesterday with Andrew and we walked around Halifax, bought some spicy fresh salsa from Pete’s Frootique (which I had a dream about the night before and therefore had to buy.) We also made supper last night which was awesome (and super healthy).
  • Speaking of Andrew, for the first time in about four, five years I’m going to have my first, real vacation. In July I’m going to Ontario, with Andrew, to his favorite place in the entire world (I took him to mine last summer.) I’m really excited, but the going on a plane part terrifies me, especially since I’ll be flying with Andrew’s Mom and not him. (He’s driving up a week earlier). We were looking at pictures of the cottage last night and wow: it really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. And I can’t wait to spend every day swimming in that lake. Plus, me being me, I can’t wait to bust out a new bikini every day since I own enough. Except I need to go out and buy a water-sports friendly bathing suit (aka not a bikini). But because I have really long torso, full pieces are usually too short on me so I need something that fits that I can have fun in without ending up naked. Something like this (except the one I tried on had a thinner middle, which suits my body better):

AEone piece edited

AE retro halter one piece.
  • Yesterday was Frenchy’s 37th anniversary celebration. Frenchy’s is one of my favorite stores, and I adore shopping there. The celebration meant you only paid 37% of what you would normally pay. I ended up getting a floral Betsy Johnson New York dress, a purple dress, two faux (but really, really well made) Louis Vuitton bags (one classic brown, and one brighter), a cute yellow t-shirt and two pairs of shoes, blue espadrilles and black and white classic flats (very Audrey!) all for $13. I will definitely post with my finds as soon as my room is clean enough to photograph.

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