Well I’m blowing smoke out of your window.. and you’re slipping back into your dress. You know, you were always such a lady… I’ve always been impressed.

I figured since it’s Wednesday night, and I have nothing to do, I would take a couple pictures of some of my newest summer dress finds. The summer dress is one of my favorite things about summer. Living on the east coast of Canada, our winter’s are harsh, cold, and snowy. Therefore, between November and April, it’s rare I get to wear a dress (unless, for example, I’m going out for a special occasion or something). That’s why by the time summer comes, I’m all about the dress, and I own a lot of them. I thought I’d share my three newest dress finds, two from Frenchy’s and one thrifted from my sister after her big closet clean-out.

purple dress

Purple labelless dress bought at Frenchy’s during their anniversary sale. It’s really light and airy, and really comfortable. I think it will be nice for summer days, with a pair of black flip flops. Not every dress can be a going out dress, and I like how this is a dress I can just hang out in, go to the grocery store in, or lay on the couch and watch movies in.

betsy johnson dress

This is the dress: Betsy Johnson New York. I know I’ve mentioned that I adore Betsy Johnson, and owning this dress makes me so giddy with excitement. Originally I said it was floral, but it’s actually paisley. It makes me feel so girly, and I love the structuredness of it. It is also perfect for our upcoming Canada Day tea party. All I need is a fancy hat, and I’m all set.

black dress

And this is the dress given to me by my sister. Originally I thought it would be longer, but I like the shortness of it. Although it kind of makes me feel like I should put on a pair of gogo boots and dance in a cage. But I love the sixties vibe it gives off, and the tightness of it because it flatters my shapeless figure. I have another dress that is similar, but it’s slightly too big for me, and a little more costume-like. But this one could be worn any ole day.


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