I got a new computer, and a bright future in sales.. yeah yeah (yeah yeah).

For the first time, in a year and a half, I have a job interview tomorrow.

It happened really quick, to be honest, which is probably the reason my head is still spinning over it. The second I handed over my resume, she was asking me if I was available Monday for an interview, and bam the interview was set. Since graduation I should have been looking more seriously for a job, but it’s summer, and maybe I haven’t been a gunghoe as I should have been. The thing is, I want to find something that I can be happy doing. My last job, even at the end, I still had people around me I adore which made me actually keep working there despite the fact it made me cry some days. So that’s why, I guess, I don’t just want to find any old job to settle into. I want to find a job that feels like home, that I get excited about, that I don’t come home from every night complaining about how much I hate my job (like everyone I know, excluding my Mom–usually–seems to do).

And the thing about the job-that-could-be is that it has it’s definite enjoyable perks, and it has it’s downfalls.

Perk: It’s at a store where I don’t have to worry about buying their clothes, wearing their clothes, and having to dress like everyone else in the store.

Downfall: It’s at the mall.

Perk: It’s a store which I quite regularily shop and know the merchandise I would be selling. Plus, fashion orientated so it could also be fun.

Downfall: From the looks of it, I would be working mostly alone.

Perk: Even before she asked me for the interview, I had mentioned I was going away for two weeks in July, and she still wanted me to come in.

Downfall: It’s at the mall.

In the end though, it doesn’t really matter all that much the upsides or the downsides, because I’m going to go in there, do the best I very can, be as charming as I can, and see what happens. Maybe she’ll tell me I’m not what they’re looking for, maybe she’ll ask me for a job on the spot. For a long time I’ve been trying to do everything so perfectly, and make it fit into my perfect plan because, and only then, the world won’t spin out of my control. Things are never going to be perfect, and maybe this won’t be the perfect job. Maybe either will the next one. The truth is I need to stop caring so much about how to make things perfect. What I really need is to do something that scares me, to get out of my little bubble and see what the rest of the world has to offer. And whether that is selling fashionable accessories or pimping shampoo, I know that whatever happens will happen.

And I’ll have just the outfit to match the occasion.


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