It’s witchcraft… wicked witchcraft.

Okay, so I’ve already posted. But, I thought I’d liven up this Sunday with a picture of my fabulous outfit, which unfortunately only made it to the pharmacy and the grocery store, because it suddenly got very cold and very cloudy and I was freezing. So now, as I sit in jeans and a sweater, I will share with you the amazing dress that barely was. A favorite of mine, and a dress that oozes comfort (at least to me.)



Black one-shoulder Grecian goddess dress (another Frenchy’s find!). Brand new beads from Claires. White chunky flower ring (also from Claires).

Technically, this dress is a one shoulder number. And I’ve worn it that way too. But because it’s a bigger size, medium I think, it kind of swims on me and slips down. Which means unless I’m wearing a black tube top under neath, it’s not fashionable but a wardrobe malfunction. However, by simply slipping the one strap over my neck: viola! Magic. And I have a halter style dress instead. And the best part is that you can’t even tell I’m wearing it wrong.

There is just something about this dress: it makes me feel so pretty, like a Grecian goddess or something. Now, if only to sunshine could return, we’d be all set.


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