Come over to my house, ’cause you’re the one for me… we’ll drink cheap wine and watch for shooting stars.

Happy Friday.

The weekend if always a wonderful thing, isn’t it? The cap to one week while on the verge of another. Last night Andrew and I had a deck party, soaking up the warm June night. Of course, he worked at eight am, so our deck party last only about an hour, but in that hour the two of us managed to share a bottle of cheap and fruity wine, which is my favorite. Andrew brought out a bunch of blankets and pillows and we had our own little picnic, there on his back deck, under the stars, minus anything but wine.

And to me that is summer: nights, under the stars, a cool breeze in the summer heat, and a cheap bottle of wine shared with those you love. The only thing that you have topped it would have been to wonder through the streets, running through sprinklers and collapsing onto cool grass, tipsy and happy.



There is less than a month until I go to Ontario, 30 days to be exact, which is all kinds of exciting. Okay, so maybe not the getting on a plane part, but the being in Ontario, being at Andrew’s cottage, getting to know Andrew’s family better than I already have. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I’m still really shy around his family, even after five and a half years. While he has no trouble hanging around my house, going upstairs to pour his own drinks, or staying down in my living room while I go off to bed, my anxiety takes over at his place. I mean, I still call his parents Mr. and Mrs. Valencik even though they have asked me, on more than one occasion, to call them by their first names. Maybe by the time we are married, I’ll be able to casually use their first names, no anxiety at all. Hell, maybe it’ll even be by the end of July! Now wouldn’t that be something.

Now I’m off to watch Batman Begins, and then probably The Dark Knight–if I can stay awake that longbecause with Andrew resting (he worked all day today, and works tomorrow) Batman was my very first boyfriend. And well, have you seen Christian Bale in Batman Begins, especially that scene where he drops down and starts doing the push ups. I love my boyfriend, and usually I’m not a fan of muscles, but Batman was my very first crush, so I can’t help but love watching this movie. And I mean if you have nothing to do, and no where to go, on a Saturday night then spending the night with Batman is not bad at all…



I mean… Am I right?


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