Sneak out of your window, darling… let’s live like outlaws, honey… we’ll never look back.

Last night, Andrew and I went out on a double date with his roommate and his girlfriend. We had been planning it for Tuesday, but things got screwed up, so we rescheduled for Saturday night. The plan was the usual: dinner and a movie. So Alicia picked us up, since it was pouring rain, and we drove over to Halifax, heading to The Wooden Monkey since it’s one of those restaurants I can so easily eat at. I’d been having a bad bellyache day, so instead of the vegan nachos–which is what I almost always get, my favorite meal ever–I decided I would do something lighter: soup and salad. Unfortunately, the soup of the day contained dairy, so I went with a side house salad, minus pumpkin seeds, and the black bean hummus with veggies and corn chips.

It’s nice being able to go out with other couples for dinner and drinks. We ended up getting a bunch of cocktails which were all fruity and fun. One tasted like sour patch kids, the other like cherries. Andrew had a martini that tasted exactly like white chocolate, even though it was a guava martini.

Our times really didn’t match up very well, because when dinner ended we still had about 2 hours until the movie started. We talked about going to another restaurant for a couple more drinks, but instead we decided that it would be cheaper just to buy a bottle of something, and drink that. So we did. It was so strange, this mix of being grown up–dinner and drinks at a restaurant–mixed with this familiar high school-ish moment of sneaking vodka in juice and pop into the movie theater. (Yuki stopped drinking after the restaurant, so by the time the movie was over he was okay to drive us home.) We saw Up, which was really good, but really sad, and yes I cried… twice.

It was silly, and funny, and made the pouring rain (and my silly choice of wearing sandals) not so bad. We walked through the damp streets, trying to out run the rain to make to the next shelter before the skies opened up, and we got even more soaked. I’ve missed double dates. Andrew and I used to go out on them with other friends, but when they broke up, there wasn’t really anyone around for us to go out with. Alicia and Yuki are always a fun time. I definitely hope we can have another one soon, although maybe at someones house, if only because it’s expensive to eat out. I’ve suggested a barbecue sometime in the future, so it should be a blast.

Now I’m off to make gluten-free cupcakes in honor of Father’s Day, and the strawberry shortcake we’ll be enjoying after our adventures to a chinese resturant. Now there is a resturant expirence to test my anxiety levels. (Thankfully, Mom already called ahead, so there will be a plate of steamed vegetables with my name on it.)


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