Woke up to the sound of pouring rain… washed away a dream of you… but nothing else could ever take you away.

Working Girl

White Wal-mart T-shirt. Black Vest thrifted from sister. Checked Le Chateau dress pants. Sparrow Necklace.

It’s still raining. I’m scared it’s never going to stop raining. I think there are calls for sun on Monday, but who knows. I’m starting to forget what the sun even looks like. Summer this is not.

This was my first-day-of-training-and-work outfit from Thursday. Not knowing the dresscode yet, I wanted to wear something basic, but also with a bit of Shannon flare. Claire’s is cool–it’s different, definitely, and I’ve spent 2 days watching videos and writing quizzes, but I like it. I learn ear piercing tomorrow. Me with an ear piercing gun, can you even imagine. Yesterday’s out, which unfortunately I have no pictures of, was also very black (note to self: remember color!) but it was cute, and I snuck in a pair of baby blue suspenders from Claire’s since you’re always supposed to wear the items you’re selling. And, with everything I own, that should not be a problem!

In other news, my parents are currently away in Calgary which is fun because I like seeing what it takes to take care of myself since I won’t be living here forever but, at the same time, is also hard because for one, I don’t drive (thank god for buses!) and, second, it’s just my sister and I. This might be too personal of a reveal, but if I can’t speak my mind here where can I speak my mind. My sister has an eating disorder, bulimia to be more specific. And while every day is obviously bad when it comes to her and food, when my parents are away, it is so much worse. She has no one to stop her from making an entire box of chicken fingers in the middle of the night after already eating an entire box of garlic fingers, noodles, two of those hot stuffs, and go knows what else. And while I know I shouldn’t be babysitting here–and it’s the last thing I want to worry about doing–I still find myself watching her, and feeling helpless. Sometimes I just wish she would be more sneaky about it so I could stop worrying. One day down, 6 days to go.

Wow, that wasn’t what I wanted to turn this entry into, but I had to get it out.

In happy news: tonight we’re having friends over for dinner and drinks, and then we’re going out for a reunion with Andrew’s school friends. The rain is unfortunate, but never the less I plan on wearing something cute and fabulous.


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