Fashion put it all on me… Don’t you want to see these clothes on me… Fashion… put it all on me… I am anyone you want me to be.



Brand new vest–Lisa International (bought at Winners for $8). Black Xhilartion t-shirt. Blue jean shorts. Dollar store aviators.

This is my new sweater vest I bought at Winners on Wednesday when Andrew and I had our mall date. I actually scoped it out when I went to the mall with Alicia but decided against it. However, when I was shopping with Andrew I decided I really decided I wanted it. It’s quirky. The front is really long and the back it’s a lot shorter. This outfit ended up being the outfit for Sushi at Hamachi with Andrew for his going away dinner and also drinks with my sister and her friends (although replaced jean shorts with pleather tights). This sweater is funky because there are lots of things you can do with it: normal, tied, pined in the back. Love it! And also love that the sun has returned. There is nothing better then sunshine.

ps. I’m nervous about putting these pictures out there… me in shorts. Nerve-effing-wracking. My thighs, aside from my stomach, are my biggest trouble areas. But today is day one of me starting a new exercise regiem and that also includes returning to 500 crunches a day! It’ll be hard at first, but a week until bikinis everyday means me needing to feel good about my body. And that includes lunges, squats and crunches. Lots of them.


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