Hello out there… we’re on the air… it’s hockey night tonight.

Sometimes, I can be opinionated. I know, right? I look like such a nice girl. But under my nice girl extieror lies a girl with a mouth on her. And when I form an opinion about something, it isn’t easy for me to let go.

I’m from Cole Harbour, which–according the the sign up the street from me–is “The Home of Sidney Crosby!” Okay, so I knew that already. But now the whole world knows because it’s on not just one, but two signs stating the fact. And most people know that Sidney Crosby is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins which just recently won the Stanley Cup. Yey! But what most people don’t seem to remember is that only two years ago, the cup was here as another Colby Kid–Joe Dipenta–brought it home when the Anaheim Ducks won. And I’ve always been unnerved by the fact that Sidney Crosby has been the wonder kid of Cole Habour (which, yes, he has more than earned), while Joe Dipenta got nothing. It just doesn’t seem fair to me. Now I don’t know Joe Dipenta, and his sister wasn’t exactly nice to me in Junior High, but the way I see it, if you’re going to show extreme support for one home town hero, then you shouldn’t forget the other. Especially if he’s the one who accomplished the feat first. Sidney is an awesome hockey player, no denying that. But the way Cole Harbour treats him as though he’s a god is (and no one has ever played hockey before) really annoys me.

My letter unfortuantely is not on the website BUT I thought I would share what I wrote here anyways:

I feel it’s important to start with a disclaimer: I am not trying to take away from anyone’s big moment. It’s quite the opposite.

The other day as I was driving home, I once again took a look at the “Welcome Cole Harbour: Home of Sidney Crosby” sign at the head of Caldwell road. Since the beginning that sign has unnerved me, but seeing the “Congratulations Sidney, we’re proud of you” once again annoyed me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Sidney Crosby is an amazing hockey player, and he has deserved everything he’s gotten, maybe even more. I can’t wait for him to bring the Cup to Cole Harbour. What annoys me about the sign is that I really believe it should read: “Welcome Cole Harbour: Home of Sidney Crosby AND Joe Dipenta”. Have people forgotten only two years ago Joe Dipenta was the first to bring the Stanley Cup to Cole Harbour? He deserves to know that the place he grew up is just as proud of him as they are Sidney!

I know this will probably be a very unpopular opinion, but we should respect all our hometown heroes.

–Shannon Rae. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

I totally know that some people will call me a Grinch, but I really feel like it was time for someone to say something as I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. And thankfully, I’m going away. Besides, who actually reads the paper anymore (well, excluding me. I adore reading the paper). Personally I don’t really care if someone is offended. I think I was nice, fair, and unbiased. And that’s all you can do, right? Although I found it hilarious this morning when driving by the above sign I saw a couple people having their picture taken by the sign.

Oh, and I also have a new haircut to hide my truth idenity.



Sassy hair, for a sassy girl.

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